• Activated Alumina JZ-K2

Activated Alumina JZ-K2

Short Description:

JZ-K2 activated alumina is specially designed. Compared with JZ-K1, with 20 increase of water adsorption and surface area.

Product Detail

Product description

JZ-K2 activated alumina is specially designed. Compared with JZ-K1, with 20  increase of water adsorption and surface area.


Properties Unit


Diameter mm 3-5 4-6
Bulk Density ≥g/ml 0.68 0.67
Surface Area ≥m2/g 360 360
Pore Volume ≥ml/g 0.38 0.36
Crush Strength ≥N/Pc 110 150
L.O.I. ≤% 8 8
Attrition Rate ≤% 0.3 0.3

Standard Package

25 kg/woven bag

150 kg/steel drum


The product as desiccant cannot be exposed in the open air and should be stored in dry condition with air-proof package.

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