• Industrial waste gas purification


Industrial waste gas purification


Industrial waste gas purification mainly refers to the treatment of industrial waste gas such as dust particles, smoke, odor gas, toxic and harmful gases which are produced in industrial places.

The waste gas discharged by industrial production often has harmful effects on the environment and human health. Purify measures should be taken before discharged air meet the requirements of exhaust gas emission standards. This process is known as waste gas purification.

Adsorption method used adsorbent (activated carbon, molecular sieve, purification desiccant) to adsorb pollutants in industrial exhaust gas, and the appropriate adsorbent is selected for different exhaust gas components. When the adsorbent reaches saturation, the pollutants are stripped out, and the catalytic combustion technology is used to deeply oxidize the organic matter into carbon dioxide and water in the industrial waste gas, thus achieving the all-in-one machine and auxiliary equipment for purification purposes.

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