• Silica Gel JZ-BSG

Silica Gel JZ-BSG

Short Description:

JZ-BSG silica gel is transparent or translucent.

The Pore Volume is higher than JZ-ASG silica gel.

Average pore diameter:4.5-7.0nm

Specific surface area:450-650 m2/g

Pore volume:0.6-0.85 ml/g

Color :white,use for dehydration and purification of industrial gases,also as catalysts and catalyst carriers

Product Detail


JZ-BSG silica gel is transparent or translucent.
Average pore diameter 4.5-7.0nm
Specific surface area 450-650 m2/g
Pore volume 0.6-0.85 ml/g


1. Mainly used for drying and moisture proof.

Semiconductor, circuit boards,various electronic and photoelectric elements have high requirements for storage environment humidity, humidity can easily lead to the quality decline or even damage of these products.

Using molecular sieve drying bag / silica gel drying bag to deeply absorb moisture and improve storage safety.

2. Used as catalyst carriers, adsorbents.


3. Separators and variable-pressure adsorbents etc.


Drying and moisture proof 

Catalyst carriers


Data unit sphere
Particle Size mm 2-4;3-5
Adsorption Capacity(25℃) RH=20% ≥% 3
RH=50% ≥% 10
RH=90% ≥% 50
Loss on Heating ≤% 5
Qualified size ratio ≥% 90
Qualified Ratio of spherical granuales ≥% 85
Bulk Density ≥g/L 500-600

Standard Package

20kg/woven bag


The product as desiccant cannot be exposed in the open air and should be stored in dry condition with air-proof package.

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