• Petrochemical industry

Petrochemical industry

  • Organic solvent dehydration

    Organic solvent dehydration

    Organic solvents play a important role in modern industry, and can be used in chemical industry, medicine, tanning industry, metallurgy and electronics and many other fields. Some applications present higher requirements for the pu...
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  • Natural gas dehydration

    Natural gas dehydration

    The presence of water will significantly enhance the dew point of natural gas, make gas inevitable icing in liquefaction, pipeline transportation or deep cold separation; also form hydrocarbon hydrate to precipitate and block equip...
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  • Removal Of Hydrogen Sulfide And Mercaptan

    Removal Of Hydrogen Sulfide And Mercaptan

    In addition to hydrogen sulfide, the petroleum cracking gas usually contains a certain amount of organic sulfur. The key to reducing the sulfur content is the effective removal of sulfur alcohol and hydrogen sulfide ...
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  • Alcohol Dehydration

    Alcohol Dehydration

    Under constant pressure, when the alcohol-water mixture reaches 95.57% (w/w), the volume fraction reaches 97.2% (v/v), a coboiling mixture is formed at that concentration, Which means using a ordinary distillation method can not re...
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  • Petrochemical Gas Drying

    Petrochemical Gas Drying

    √ The cracking gas drying Molecular sieve √ Hydrocarbon gas / liquid drying √ LPG refining Remove water and sulfide such as H2S and thiols √ Alkylation Unit For dehydration of raw gas √ Dewaxing and refining unit ...
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