• Air Separation

Air Separation

  • PSA Oxygen Generator

    PSA Oxygen Generator

    PSA oxygen system has the trend to replace the traditional low temperature air separation device in the medium and small-scale air separation field, due to its low investment , low energy consumption, convenient operation. The oxygen molecular sieve uses different adsorp...
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  • Air Purification System

    Air Purification System

    How it works: In traditional low temperature air separation system, water in the air will freeze and separate out at cold temperature and block equipment and pipelines; hydrocarbon (especially acetylene) gather in the air separatio...
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  • PSA Nitrogen Generator

    PSA Nitrogen Generator

    Nitrogen generator is a nitrogen production equipment designed and manufactured according to the PSA technology. Nitrogen generator use carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as adsorbent. Usually use two adsorption towers in parallel, contr...
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  • Hydrogen Purification

    Hydrogen Purification

      Industrial gas contains a large number of waste gases with various hydrogen. The separation and purification of hydrogen is also one of the earliest industrialized fields of PSA technology. The principle of PSA separation of...
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