• Catalyst carrier


Catalyst carrier


The catalyst carrier, also known as support, is one of the components of the load-type catalyst, and is the skeleton that supports the active component to disperse the active component and also increases the strength of the catalyst. But the carrier itself does not generally have a catalytic activity.

Catalysts prepared with active alumina carriers have higher activity and activity stability compared with similar products, and are more suitable for use under harsh conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high air speed, and high water-gas ratio. White spherical material, special process production, because of the unique skeleton structure, so with the active component affinity, the product micro pore distribution is uniform, suitable pore size, large pore capacity, high water absorption rate, small accumulation density, good mechanical performance, with good stability. Suitable for a catalyst carrier.

The active alumina energy and the catalyst active component react to disperse the catalyst active component into the carrier, providing an effective specific surface area and a suitable pore structure for the active component to improve the thermal stability and anti-toxic properties of the catalyst.

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