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  • Water purification and wastewater treatment

    Water purification and wastewater treatment

    The composition of Waste water is complex and difficult to treat. The treatment methods mainly include oxidation, adsorption, membrane separation, flocculation, biodegradation, etc. These methods have advantages and disadvantages, ...
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  • Detergent


    Zeolite The detergent industry is the largest application field of synthetic zeolite. In the 1970 s, the ecological environment deteriorated becaus...
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  • Defluoridation


    Activated Alumina Adsorption Method is an effective fluorine removal method, is an economical and practical method. Activated alumina has good physical performance, high strength, non-toxic and tasteless, the specific surface area ...
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  • Catalyst carrier

    Catalyst carrier

    The catalyst carrier, also known as support, is one of the components of the load-type catalyst, and is the skeleton that supports the active component to disperse the active component and also increases the strength of the catalys...
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  • Humidity indicator

    Humidity indicator

    The main component of blue silica gel is cobalt chloride, which has strong toxicity and has a strong adsorption effect on water vapor in the air. At the same time, it can show different colors through the number of cobalt chloride ...
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