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  • Organic solvent dehydration

    Organic solvent dehydration

    Organic solvents play a important role in modern industry, and can be used in chemical industry, medicine, tanning industry, metallurgy and electronics and many other fields. Some a...
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  • Natural gas dehydration

    Natural gas dehydration

    The presence of water will significantly enhance the dew point of natural gas, make gas inevitable icing in liquefaction, pipeline transportation or deep cold separation; also form ...
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  • Compressed Air drying

    Compressed Air drying

    All the atmospheric air contains a certain amount of water vapor. Now, imagine the atmosphere as a huge, slightly moist sponge. If we squeeze the sponge very hard, the absorbed wate...
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  • Pneumatic Brake Drying

    Pneumatic Brake Drying

    In the pneuamtic brake system, the compressed air is a working medium used to maintain a stable operating pressure and ensure air is clean enough for normal operation of the valve...
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  • Desiccant Of Insulating Glass

    Desiccant Of Insulating Glass

    Insulating glass was invented in 1865. The insulating glass is a building material with good heat insulation, sound insulation, beautiful and practical, and can reduce the ...
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  • Refrigerant Drying

    Refrigerant Drying

    The working life of most refrigeration depends on when the refrigerant is leaking. The leakage of refrigerant is due to the combination of refrigerant with water, it produce harmf...
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