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Refrigerant Drying


The working life of most refrigeration depends on when the refrigerant is leaking. The leakage of refrigerant is due to the combination of refrigerant with water, it produce harmful substances which will corrode the pipeline. The JZ-ZRF molecular sieve can keep low dew point in cool condition. The characteristic of high strength and low abrasion will protect the chemical stability of the refrigerant, which is the best choice for refrigerant drying.

In the refrigeration system, the function of the drying filter is to absorb the water in the refrigeration system, to block the impurities in the system, to prevent ice blocking and dirty blocking in the refrigeration system pipeline, to ensure the smooth of pipe and the normal operation of the refrigeration system.

The JZ-ZRF molecular sieve is used as the inner core of the filter, mainly used to continuously absorb water in the refrigeration or air conditioning system to prevent freezing and corrosion. When the molecular sieve desiccant fails due to too much water absorption, it should be replaced in time.

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