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Hydrogen Purification



Industrial gas contains a large number of waste gases with various hydrogen. The separation and purification of hydrogen is also one of the earliest industrialized fields of PSA technology.

The principle of PSA separation of gas mixture is that the adsorption capacity of adsorbent for different gas components changes with the change of pressure. The impurity components in the inlet gas are removed by high-pressure adsorption, and these impurities are desorbed by pressure reduction and temperature rise. The purpose of removing impurities and extracting pure components is achieved through pressure and temperature changes.

PSA hydrogen production uses JZ-512H molecular sieve adsorbent to separate the rich hydrogen to produce hydrogen, which is completed through the pressure change of the adsorption bed. Because hydrogen is very difficult to adsorb, other gases (which can be called impurities) are easy or easy to be adsorbed, so hydrogen rich gas will be produced when it is close to the inlet pressure of the treated gas. Impurities are released during desorption (regeneration), and the pressure gradually decreases to desorption pressure

The adsorption tower alternately carries out the process of adsorption, pressure. equalization and desorption to achieve continuous hydrogen production. Rich hydrogen enters the system under a certain pressure. The rich hydrogen passes through the adsorption tower filled with special adsorbent from bottom to top. Co / CH4 / N2 is retained on the surface of the adsorbent as a strong adsorption component, and H2 penetrates the bed as an adsorption component. The product hydrogen collected from the top of the adsorption tower is output outside the boundary. When the adsorbent in the bed is saturated with CO / CH4 / N2, the rich hydrogen is switched to other adsorption towers. In the process of adsorption desorption, a certain pressure of product hydrogen is still left in the adsorbed tower. This part of pure hydrogen is used to equalize and flush the other pressure equalizing towers just desorbed. This not only makes use of the remaining hydrogen in the adsorption tower, but also slows down the pressure rise speed in the adsorption tower, slows down the fatigue degree in the adsorption tower, and effectively achieves the purpose of hydrogen separation.

JZ-512H molecular sieve can be used to getter high purity hydrogen.

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