• Fruit Preservation


Fruit Preservation


Fruit will produce ripening ethylene gas during storage, when the purity of ethylene gas is high, will create physiological dysfunction, and accelerate the maturity of the fruit, if the ethylene gas can remove, it will effectively inhibit the fruit ripening, thus extending the storage time.

JZ-M purify desiccant is particularly used as preservatives in fruits and vegetables,it can absorb ethylene, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in fruits and vegetables rather than import preservatives.

The adsorption capacity of ethylene gas is 4mL/g and carbon dioxide reaches 300ml/g. Packaged purify desiccant into a breathable cloth, paper or non-woven cloth, polypropylene and other plastic films, and put together with fruit and polyethylene, can play a role in food preservation, this method is suitable for the preservation and storage of various fruits.

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