• Desiccant Of Insulating Glass


Desiccant Of Insulating Glass


Insulating glass was invented in 1865. The insulating glass is a building material with good heat insulation, sound insulation, beautiful and practical, and can reduce the weight of the building. It is made of high-efficient sound insulation glass of two (or three) glass using high strength and high gas density composite adhesive to bonding glass to an aluminum alloy frame containing desiccant.

Aluminum double-channel seal

Aluminum spacer support and separated from two pieces of glass evenly, aluminum spacer is filled with insulating glass molecular sieve (particles) desiccant, to form a sealing space between the glass layers.

Insulating glass molecular sieve can absorb water and residual organic contaminants inside it, which keeps the insulating glass clean and transparent even at a very low temperature, and also it can balance the strong internal and external pressure difference which caused by the huge changes of the temperature. The insulating glass molecular sieve also solves the problem of distortion and crushing caused by the expansion or contraction of the glass, and prolong the service life of the insulating glass.

Application of insulating glass molecular sieve:

1) drying action: to absorb the water from the hollow glass.

2) Anti frost effect.

3) Cleaning: adsorb the floating dust in the air.

4) environmental: can be recycled, harmless to the environment

Composite adhesive strip-type seal

insulating sealant strip is a collection of spacer and supporting function of aluminum frame, drying function of insulating glass molecular sieve (powder), sealing function of butyl glue, and structural strength function of polysulfide glue, insulating glass sealant strip can be bent to any shape and installed on the glass.

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