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What are desiccants and how do they work?

Desiccants are substances that absorb moisture or water. This can be done via two fundamentally different processes:

The moisture is adsorbed physically; this process is called adsorption

The moisture is chemically bound; this process is called absorption

What types of desiccants are available and where are the differences?

The common type of desiccant is activated alumina, molecular sieve, alumina silica gel

Adsorbent (adsorption rate adsorption volume comparison)

Adsorption volume:

Alumina silica gel > silica gel > molecular sieve > activated alumina. 

adsorption rate: molecular sieve > alumina silica gel > silica gel > activated alumina.

How do I know which desiccant is fit for your application?

Tell us your moisture protection requirements, and we will recommend the suitable desiccant. If your product or packaged items require a very low level of moisture, it is best to use molecular sieves. If your goods are less moisture-sensitive, a silica gel desiccant will do.

What is the cause of broken balls in the suction dryer? (Exclude product quality)

① Adsorbent into the water, compressive strength is reduced, filling is not tight

② equal pressure system is not or blocked, the impact is too large

③ use of stirring rod filling, affecting the compressive strength of the product

What is the regeneration temperature for different type desiccants ?

Activated alumina: 160°C-190°C

Molecular sieve: 200°C-250°C

Water-resistant alumina silica gel: 120°C-150°C

How to calculate the output capacity of N2 for one set generator ?

Calculation formula: filling QTY = Filling Volume * Bulk density

For example, one set generator = 2M3 * 700kg / M3 = 1400kg

JZ-CMS4N concentration nitrogen production is 240 M3 / ton on basis 99.5% N2 purity, So one set N2 output capacity is= 1.4 * 240 =336 M3/h/set

Which equipment processes are the oxygen molecular sieves applicable to?

PSA O2 method: pressurised adsorption, atmospheric desorption ,We can use JZ-OI9,JZ-OI5

VPSA  O2 method: atmospheric adsorption, vacuum desorption,We can use JZ-OI5 and JZ-OIL type 

What is the main function of the activated zeolite powder, and what is the difference between it and the defoamer?

Activated zeolite powder absorb excess water in the PU system, whereas defoamer is antifoaming and does not absorb water. The principle of defoamer is to break the balance of the foam stability, so that the foam pores break. activated zeolite powder absorb water and are used to break the balance between the water and oil phases to defoam. 

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