• PSA Oxygen Generator


PSA Oxygen Generator

PSA oxygen system has the trend to replace the traditional low temperature air separation device in the medium and small-scale air separation field, due to its low investment , low energy consumption, convenient operation. The oxygen molecular sieve uses different adsorption velocity of nitrogen and oxygen to make oxygen and oxygen-rich air.

For VSA and VPSA devices with lower adsorption pressure, lithium molecular sieve for efficient oxygen production can further improve oxygen production rate and reduce oxygen energy consumption.

PSA small medical oxygen concentrator
Air is filtered through the inlet filter device before into compressor, then into the molecular sieve tower for oxygen and nitrogen separation process. Oxygen passes smoothly through the molecular sieve tower into the sieve tower, and nitrogen is adsorbed by the molecules, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the separation valve. After the oxygen further improves the purity in the sieve tower, it flows through the oxygen transfer tube for the user to supplement the oxygen absorption.its flow volume is controlled by the flow control valve, and moistened through the wet water tank.

JZ molecular sieve can reach the oxygen purity of 92-95%.

PSA industrial oxygen generator


Oxygen generator system mainly consists of air compressor, air cooler, air buffer tank, switching valve, adsorbent, and oxygen balance tank. After the raw air removed the dust particles through the filter section, it is pressurized by the air compressor to 3~4barg and enters into one of the adsorption tower. The adsorption tower is filled with an adsorbent, wherein moisture, carbon dioxide, and a few other gas components are adsorbed at the entrance of the adsorbent, and then the nitrogen is adsorbed by a molecular sieve filled in the upper part of the activated alumina.

Oxygen (including argon) is a non-adsorbent component from the top outlet of the adsorbent as the product gas to the oxygen balance tank. When the adsorbent is absorbed to a certain extent, the adsorbent will reach the saturation state, then emptied through the switching valve, the adsorbed water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and a small amount of other gas components are discharged to the atmosphere, and the adsorbent is regenerated.

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