• Humidity indicator


Humidity indicator


The main component of blue silica gel is cobalt chloride, which has strong toxicity and has a strong adsorption effect on water vapor in the air. At the same time, it can show different colors through the number of cobalt chloride crystal water changes, that is, the blue before moisture absorption gradually changes to light red with the increase of moisture absorption.

Orange silica gel is environmentally changing silica gel, does not contain cobalt chloride, more environmental friendly and safe.


1) mainly used for moisture absorption and rust prevention of instruments, instruments and equipment under closed conditions, and can directly indicate the relative humidity of the environment through its own color from blue to red after moisture absorption.

2) used in conjunction with an ordinary silica gel desiccant to indicate the moisture absorption of the desiccant and to determine the relative humidity of the environment.

3) it is widely as a silica gel desiccant for packaging used in precision instruments, leather, shoes, clothing, household appliances, etc.

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